Custom development

If you're looking for a long-term reliable partner to realize new innovative ideas that will provide your customer with additional value and differentiate your business in a tough competitive environment, it is Sotex who delivers the result.

Our customers are choosing tailor-made solutions when they are unable to find suitable ready-made solutions on the market. This usually means support for specific business processes that create added value and provide competitive advantage to companies.
We have years of experience with customized development and have successfully completed more than 30 unique projects for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations.
It is important for us to guide the customer through all phases of the custom project development - from the business analysis of requirements, through the solution designing and drafting of specifications, to the implementation, introduction and maintenance of the final solution. We know how to adapt and provide assistance where is it most needed.

Based on our experiences, we know how to ask the right question.We analyze the requirements and prepare the most optimal solutions for your challenges.
We devise the solution plan, define solution architecture and design the user interface based on practical user experience. We also make sure that the solution is developed in line with good software development practices.
The solution is integrated with your existing systems to incorporate it in your existing business processes as much as possible.
User experience is a critical factor than can make or break your project. Our UX design and prototyping experts will make sure the resulting UI is highly usable across various devices and platforms.
Do you have an outdated technological solution that no longer comply with the desired standards? We know how to upgrade it to the latest technological standards.
We provide maintenance for our solutions and support end users. We listen to the users' needs and wishes and enhance the solution with improvements.
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Web Application Development

Be it custom web app development from scratch, migration from your legacy application to a new solution or enhancement of the front-end functionality, at Sotex, we are eager to accept your web development challenge staying within time and budget limits. Our dedicated web app developers have successfully completed over 30 projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including Utility industry,IoT, e-Commerce, e-Learning, Finance, Entertainment and more.

Through the years, we have perfected our delivery processes and workflows to cope with constantly changing requirements and tight deadlines that are the hallmark of complex web development project. Our Scrum expertise was instrumental in successfully building new products for global brands, including ScotiaBank, Gazprom Neft, Killerspin and others.


You tell us what kind of a solution you need, how you want it to run, which business processes are involved for us to deliver a system exactly fitting your needs. We always keep in mind the idea of future business expansion, so your solution will be built scalable and flexible to be modified later as your business grows or transforms.

We usually suggest splitting the whole project into several iterations(well-defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverables), which has the following advantages:

Each iteration delivery is done on time and on budget.
Each delivery has to be accepted to confirm all the requirements have been met.
Each delivery contains some of the expected functionality and can be put to use right away.

Mobile development

Sotex talent pool of mobile app developers includes highly-skilled analysts,UX experts and certified software engineers who are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms-whether it's IOS, Android, or both. Apps can be developed naively, or by using platforms such as Cordova/PhoneGap or Xamarin.

All our specialists are on a high alert to deliver all-round custom mobile app development services, from consulting and project specification to integration, deployment and market release. We cover:

Business analysis
Native or cross-platform mobile application development
MOBILE TESTING (Unit testing and UI Automation)
Backend integration or publication on the App Store or Google Play
How We Work

Picking the right approach to mobile app development is a critical success factor that can make or break your project. Sotex mobile app developers typically use an agile, low-risk mobile development methodology that has a proven success record and ensures rapid results and 100% visibility.

Cross-platform development for mobile platforms is often a good way to cur development costs and bring your solution to the market faster. By developing a cross-platform app you make it immediately available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, and more.
Cross-platform apps are typically easier and less expensive to maintain due to the large code overlap between platforms, In the case of HTML5 apps, code reuse can be as high as 90%.
Our pool of highly skilled mobile developers are well-versed in modern cross-platform tech stack, including Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin and React Native, and will help you build your app on time and on budget.

How we work ?
Architecture & Consulting

With vast experience in software development, implementation, quality assurance and software support, our consulting and advisory services are built on a deep understanding of all business and functional requirements as well as ambiguous nuances of business workflows

Solution Lifecycle Support

Sotex teams of information technology consultants have the skills, methods and tools to help the client in adapting to the market demand and building up revenue through digital transformations. We back up our services with multi-year expertise, and it shows at every project stage: Planning>Implementation>Maintenance

Drafting and revising the strategy
Selecting the platforms
Mapping business requirements to features
Planning releases for iterative solution improvement
Platform-based solutions or custom development
Data migration
There's always room for more growth, and Sotex is ready to uphold the craving for improvements, be it new functionality or better interoperability, performance, usability, scalability and bug fixing. We will allocate a multidisciplinary team with DB, CRM, mobile, UI and other experts to maintain, upgrade and update your software.
Solution lifecycle support
Team Extension

Thinking about extending your technical delivery department with a nearshore team that is fully dedicated to you? This is what we call "Team Extension". Sotex has mastered the process of engaging and developing highly qualified technical talent. We understand what makes a great engineer, and know where to find them. If you are looking for reliable software development team, our existing talent pool and our recruitment capacity are here to fulfill your needs.


We provide our clients with highly qualified engineers in four ease steps:

Step 01

Tell us more about our business and technology challenge. We will outline the ways in which Team Extension can help you face and resolve them.

Step 02

Sotex leverages all channels(in-house talent, external hiring, partner network) to scale your team within shortest time frame.

Step 03

You focus on delivery, while we take care of everything else. Sotex offers a menu of Team Extension support services: from basic payroll and infrastructure management, to co-governance and consulting. Optimising cost per deliverable is our mutual target.

Step 04

As your project grows, so will your need for additional talent. Sotex will provide continuous support throughout project life cycle.

How it works ?

We have been working with .NET framework using C# language since our early days, and it remained our main programming language till nowadays. We keep following the latest trends in the .NET world in order to deliver the most advanced and up-to-date technologies and features of this platform to our customers. Using .NET technologies like ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebAPI, WCF, Entity Framework, WPF, etc., we are creating powerful Enterprise solutions, Web-based and Windows-based applications.


We consider databases to be the foundation of every application we create. This is why we put great effort in the process of database design. Our database developers and programmers have deep knowledge and extensive hands-on experience gained through successful completion of sophisticated projects that have incorporated the following database engines: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.


We specialize in development for mobile devices. We provide full-cycle custom development and UX/UI design of native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps for you or your clients’ business goals. Our engineers and designers are always up-to-date with the most current operating systems’ versions, making sure that your application will look great.


Frontend is the final meeting point between the end user and our system. As we acknowledge the importance of it, we naturally take special care about frontend development. Relying on a number of modern web development principles, we are making beautiful and intuitive frontend apps. By utilizing new features provided by HTML5 and CSS3 coupled with JavaScript/jQuery and a number of popular frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, AngularJS) we strive to use contemporary trends. In order to meet the goals set by our clients, we employ modular coding methodologies, such as OOCSS / BEM / SMACSS and provide them with responsive web apps available across browsers and platforms.


Sotex delivers custom web & mobile apps that harness the power of connected devices to advance lifestyles and empower enterprises with next‑generation Internet of Things products.

PHP WEB DEVELOPMENT(Magento, WordPress, Custom PHP, etc)

Sotex accomplished PHP developers possess hands-on experience in designing and developing scalable, reliable, rich-functionality web applications for both startups and established businesses. Our PHP experience covers range from custom PHP projects to Magento and even WordPress implementations.


NetSuite SuiteCommerce can deliver consistent, engaging and personalized shopping and service experiences if implemented and maintained well. In Sotex, we help our customers to build and maintain digital storefront on high level to promote their brand and to boost the sales.

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