Utilities and Energy Companies

In Sotex, we help you create smart, agile solutions ready to adapt to new technologies and deliver the insights needed for better decision-making by organizations and consumers.

Energy and utility companies are experiencing massive industry disruption and consumer demands. From embedded software on remote meters to renewable energy solutions, energy and utility companies are faced with remote data collection challenges, growing security threats, and greater industry regulation. Agility is quickly becoming the new competitive advantage as companies look to re-define their value and place within the market. The technical focus is on minimizing lead times for new projects, coordinating global resources, and finding new ways to deliver value for stakeholders. Sotex offers a wide range of professional services to help clients develop their operations in constant changing energy markets, using their knowledge of the energy business, regulatory environments, IT systems and business processes.

Benefits for Utilites & Energy Companies
Using Agile-Scrum methodologies, you’ll enjoy a high level of involvement and communication as your projects are delivered with the features you want on the agreed upon timeline and in accordance with new regulations because we understand development, testing, and international needs.
We enable clients to realize long-term cost reductions while systematically reducing expenditure using flexible development team models and an architecture designed for scalability, extensibility, security, and internationalization.
Sotex offers the option of combining local expertise with nearshore resources using an Agile-Scrum methodology for your development projects. Combine onsite and onshore teams with nearshore resources in East Europe across all stages of your project to net maximum value and results. We’ve delivered development services, technology upgrades and initiatives, including analytics and smart metering, using this distributed development approach for energy and utility clients

Work with a partner who is experienced in developing applications for fast scalability, security, internationalization, and reliability.

The stories of startups failing due to poor system design resulting in an inability to respond to market demands are all too common, leading startup founders to seek well-rounded, experienced developers to work on their projects. To ensure the initial code base is well written, they need a professional software development company for startups on their team. Startups look to Sotex when developing their new systems for their experience designing enterprise-level custom software to ensure they start off with the right architecture and can scale quickly. Sotex brings all the necessary expertise – from business analysis and user experience design to custom software development quality assurance and testing, and deployment to help transform ideas into a successful business offering. We’ve been developing successful enterprise-level software products, SaaS, and Cloud-based solutions for over twenty years; we developed best practices and tools for doing it right time after time and can bring these to your project as well. As problem solvers, Sotex teams love new challenges. Thus, we love working with startups. Our repeatable software development and quality assurance processes coupled with nearshore development center option meet startups’ needs for cost-conscious development speed. It all starts with our flexible Agile-Scrum Methodology for distributed teams which allow us to bring a new product fruition quickly and adjust to true market needs in virtually real time

Software Development Services for Startups
Assessment, Roadmap and Software Architecture Development
Prototyping, Workflow Modeling, and Design
Front End, UI and UX services
Mobile App Development
SAAS and Cloud Solutions Development
Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Application Maintenance and Support
Banking and Financial Institutions

From creating better user experiences with modern technology to maintaining and modernizing mission critical legacy systems, we have the experience you need for success.

Sotex designs and supports finance systems that operate with high availability and deliver ever-increasing performance. In the highly regulated and competitive financial industry, you must carefully assess risks and potential. Your IT systems must support fast and efficient business decision making and be easily updated to meet the latest regulatory compliance requirements. Sotex works with clients in the financial services industry to develop enterprise solutions that have the needed flexibility and scalability, yet deliver quality customer service. We design robust, user-friendly digital solutions for leaders and innovators in the financial services space by combining user experience design with forward-thinking architecture and accelerate delivery through Agile-scrum methodologies. Our expertise in advanced architecture enables us to create innovative and efficient solutions and also allows us to build on, maintain, and improve legacy software. Our work with large enterprise-level organizations to smaller private businesses and startups has provided us with the level of experience needed to take on the most challenging financial projects.


Sotex builds powerful, high volume e-commerce solutions actually driving revenue and customer base growth for our customers.

We help retail clients unify the best features of their online and physical shopping spaces in a single omnichannel commerce solution. Also, we help your sales reps engage clients across multiple platforms, providing a consistent and high-quality shopping experience.
Sotex is equally capable of both building an omnichannel solution from the ground up, or improving your legacy suite.
Is it Magento, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, custom built store on Google App Engine or something more specific, we can deliver what you need.

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